Cross-bar and parallel bar are produced:

  • Portable race cross-bar,
  • School semi-portable cross- bar,
  • Portable- push out 1 or 2 cross-bar,
  • Portable push out 1 coss- bar and rotatable on a wall.

Circles are produced as:

  •  construction on the wall,
  •  rotatable construction on the wall.

Climbs are produced as:

  •  U-shaped construction for ropes,
  •  U-shaped construction for bars,
  •  U-shaped construction for ropes and bars.

Beams are produced as:

  • Race beam,
  • beam on the wall,
  • training beam,
  •  low training beam.

Ribstalls are produced as:

  • gym ribstall - high 3000mm, width  950 nebo 1000mm,
  • room ribstall - high 2300mm, width 800mm.

Also we produce:

  • gymnastic goat and horse,
  • skirtings, springboards, bench,
  • mats,
  • gymnastic carpet,
  • trampolines.

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